5 Beauty Goals for 2016


5 Affordable Beauty Goals for 2016

5 Affordable Beauty Goals for 2016

5 affordable and achievable beauty goals for 2016 

  1. Face exercise

Why: I have noticed that my face started to droop and this year I am going to try to make face exercise a routine in order to keep my face muscles toned and have youthful jawline. A few years ago I was carpooling with my husband so I did the exercise while riding in the car and I loved the results. My goal for this year is to do it at least 3 times a week.

Problem: I am not comfortable doing it when someone else is around because you look somewhat silly and when I happen to be alone, I simply forget about it.

Approach: Start with 3 basic exercises that I could do when I watch TV. Or set reminders on my computer to do it every couple of hours and hope that I do it at least once each day.

  1.  Regular hair masks

Why: I have naturally curly dry hair that needs constant moisturizing and protection. Plus, I would like to grow it longer but curls make it an awfully long process because so much of the new length just goes into another ringlet.

Problem: I really don’t have an excuse for not doing it, just poor planning on my part.

Approach: I will apply a hair mask every week whenever I’m washing my hair on a weekday and I’m not leaving the house in the morning. I’m going to ignore any funny looks I might get from a delivery person for wearing a hat inside the house 🙂 .

  1.  Use hand lotion with SPF in summer months

Why: Sun exposure is the number 1 cause of aging of the skin and our hands get a lot of it second to only face. It is recommended to apply sunblock 30 minutes before going outside but who really remembers to do it before going grocery shopping?

Problem: I always sunblock whenever I’m going outside for significant periods of time but I forget to apply sunblock on my hands when I step out for shorter amounts of time like shopping trips, errands or just hanging out in the backyard for a bit. I feel it is much easier to use SPF on my face because I apply moisturizer with SPF each morning and it is generally enough to protect me for those shorter outdoor moments.

Approach: I am going to look for a hand lotion with SPF and keep it by the kitchen sink. I already have a habit of applying hand lotion whenever I lay my eyes on it. The challenge is to find a budget friendly option with SPF. This hand lotion has broad spectrum SPF 40 protection but at $12 for just 1 oz it is not a budget-friendly option.

  1.  Ditch the sugar

Why: Sugar makes you gain weight, increases your chances of developing heart disease, increases inflammation and may damage collagen and elastin in your skin thus making your skin look dull and aged.

Problem: I quit drinking sugary drinks long time ago but I still crave sugar. I love desserts and can’t really resist when something sweet is placed in front of me.

Approach: 1. I will buy only plain dark chocolate with low sugar content. This should be pretty easy, as I love dark chocolate. 2. I will find low-sugar dessert recipes. 3. The thought of never eating sweets is horrible so I will allow myself one weekly sweet treat. It can’t be too bad, right?

  1.  Try vegetarian day once each week

Why: There 2 main reasons for skipping meat and poultry on some days. Reason #1 to cut down on meat is to reduce risk of heart disease and some cancers, keep my cholesterol low and reduce my exposure to antibiotics. Reason #2 is to reduce carbon footprint and protect our environment. Animal farming alone causes 14.5% of all greenhouse climate pollution. That’s more than every single car, train, and plane on the planet combined.

Problem: I love meat & chicken & fish and I am very much used to eating it daily for both lunch and dinner.

Approach: I will find healthy vegetarian dishes I would like to try. Recently I added a few great looking dishes with chickpeas and beans to my Pinterest board so I’ll start experimenting with those.



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